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In the middle of nowhere, from untouched Finnish nature, we have found high-quality water so fresh and clean that we want to share this natural treasure with the world. The water is of premium quality due to its natural balance of minerals which creates the smooth and fresh taste, naturally refreshing for your well-being. Take a sip to become one with the untouched nature, still scenery and its calming peace.

Your everyday natural source of energy!


A new generation healthy energy waters. Mineralized water-based vitamin-enriched carbonated beverage with green tea & mint extract and rose & green tea extract. These drinks have been prepared with natural caffeine, herbal extracts and Himalayan salt. Only fructose has been used to sweeten the drink.

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Water from untouched nature

Arctic Silence

Arctic Silence is a product of nature. Within its depths, our land conceals the most unique ground and spring waters. Filtered through the secluded nature, through untouched soil, these sources produce the best natural water for us to drink. These natural sources treat us to the fresh waters of Arctic Silence. Our part is to bottle the water with expertise, respect and utmost care.

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