Vinitto Rose

Fruit Wine Cooler


Vinitto Rosé is whimsical pink wine cooler inspired by the famous rosé wines of France. This fruity, semi-sweet and slightly fizzy drink is perfect for those who prefer the lightness and quality of rosé wine. 

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Ingredients: produced from apple wine and grape wine
  • Contains sulphites

Package size

  • 0.275 l glass bottle
  • 12 x 0.275 l carton box
  • 0.33 l can
  • 24 x 0.33 l carton suitcase

Shelf life

  • 360 days
    EAN of basic unit4740098081487
    EAN box4740098081630
    EAN of basic unit4740098081593
    EAN suitcase4740098081609

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