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Tonic waters

Savor the exceptional flavours of Olvi's tonic waters through Le Coquers and Muteman. Le Coquers offers Indian Tonic, a perfectly balanced elixir, and Rose Tonic, with delicate floral notes. Muteman presents Premium Tonic, a refined blend, and refreshing Ginger Beer with real ginger.

Artistical alchemy

Le Coquers

Le Coquers embodies the fusion of artistry and flavour. Designed in Italy, in the enchanting city of Portofino, known for its exclusivity and love for beauty, Le Coquers exudes a sense of elegance and romance. Unleash the magic of Le Coquers, where artistic alchemy meets your senses, and elevate your refreshment with Le Coquers Rose Tonic Lemonade's pure, delicate flavour or the refreshing allure of Indian Tonic Water.

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Let the taste do the talking


In the Muteman family, the only babble you hear comes from the bottle, and the family prefers doing the talking. The Muteman family currently includes two unforgettable mixers: Premium Tonic and Ginger Beer.

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