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Established in 2014, The Helsinki Distilling Company is the first private distillery to operate in Helsinki in one hundred years. The company distils rye whiskey, premium gin, and other spirits from the best local ingredients. The company’s operating principle is simple; produce top-quality gin, whiskey and distillates from the best possible raw ingredients – with love.

GIN 57.2%

Helsinki Sailor’s Gin is an artisanal, small-batch, premium gin distilled at the traditional navy strength of 57.2%. Blended with the purest Finnish water, Helsinki Sailor’s Gin is a juniper-rich, well-balanced gin with floral citrus…

Helsinki Barrel Aged Gin 47%

Helsinki Barrel Aged Gin is an artisanal, small-batch, premium matured gin. The color and the smooth, rich aroma are a result of resting the gin in oak casks for a few months. Helsinki Barrel Aged Gin is excellent for sipping and for…

Dry Gin 47%

Helsinki Dry Gin is an artisanal, small-batch, premium gin distilled with eight carefully hand-picked botanicals, including Arctic lingonberry.

Helsinki Lingonberry Gin Liqueur 26%

Helsinki Lingonberry Gin Liqueur is made with whole Finnish lingonberries. The exquisitely refined flavour of the liqueur comes from a long infusion period of the berries in a gin base. The liqueur is manufactured and bottled by hand in…

Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt 47.5%

Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt is a mellow Finnish rye malt whiskey. It is made using only the best Finnish malted rye and barley. The mash bill consists of 70% rye and 30% barley. The whiskey is distilled by hand and matured in carefully…

Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt – Rum Cask Finish 47.5%

After maturing the Rye Malt – Rum Cask Finish whiskey has been transferred to ex-rum casks for finishing. The rum casks have previously been used to mature Guyianan and Jamaican rum. Finishing takes three to six months.

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