Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt

Helsinki Whiskey Rye Malt is a mellow Finnish rye malt whiskey. It is made using only the best Finnish malted rye and barley. The mash bill consists of 70% rye and 30% barley. The whiskey is distilled by hand and matured in carefully selected oak casks.

Nose: Vanilla and toffee from the oak cask, malted rye and freshly baked rye loaf from the distillate. Malts and dark chocolate.

Flavour: Rich mouthfeel. Aroma has notes of vanilla, dried apricots, caramel, licorice, herbs, coffee and cocoa. Malted barley balances the sweetness. Aftertaste: Long, it lingers on the insides of the cheeks. Spiciness of rye whiskey is evident.

  • ABV: 47.5%

Package size

  • 0.5 l glass bottle
  • 6 x 0.50 l carton box
    EAN of basic unit6430057030929

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