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Virgin cocktails are non-alcoholic versions of Le Coq cocktails. Current tastes include Virgin Mojito, Virgin Margarita and Virgin Blue Lagoon, which offer refreshing and tasty alternatives to the traditional alcoholic versions.

Virgin Blue

The blue lagoon is a bright cocktail with taste of pineapple, citrus and Curaçao liqueur. Le Coq Virgin Blue Lagoon is a non-alcoholic version of this attractive cocktail that brings your thoughts to summer and vacation.


The margarita is an alluringly red cocktail that gets its pleasant taste and bright colour from juicy watermelon. Virgin Margarita is the non-alcoholic version of this refreshing cocktail.


The mojito is a world-famous cocktail, combining the flavours of white rum, lime, mint and brown sugar. Virgin Mojito is the non-alcoholic version of this world famous cocktail.

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