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Long drinks

At Olvi Group, we produce long drinks that embody the traditions and high standards of Scandinavia. Our Johan Freitag long drinks are made with real gin for a crisp and refreshing taste.

Original Gin Cocktails

Johan Freitag

Scandinavia is known for its long traditions and high quality, this is also represented in Johan Freitag long drinks. Johan Freitag refreshing gin long drinks are produced from real Johan Freitag gin.

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Let's party all summer loooooooong!

A. Le Coq Long Drinks

The motto of A. Le Coq Long Drink is straightforward – all good things should last loooonger! The refreshing drink selection includes three vibrant flavors, perfect for sparking lively conversations and revitalizing the senses during those long summer nights. And for those who crave a bolder taste, our Long Drink Strong offers slightly stronger notes, sure to surprise and delight. Experience the perfect blend of delicately sweet and slightly bitter flavors with alcohol-free A. Le Coq Long Drink Grapefruit. It's like a wish for everlasting freshness and endless summery gatherings! This new, juicy addition knows how to keep the party going and is always the life of the gathering.

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