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Energy drinks

Experience the electrifying power of Olvi's energy drinks. Dynami:t - the energy drink designed for those who live life on the edge and seek to push themselves beyond their limits. With a brand idea of "High caffeine + High taurine = Fast effect", Dynami:t provides benefits to energize you extra, giving you the motivation and energy you need to step out of your comfort zone and do what you don't dare to do.

Fast Effect!


"MEET DYNAMI:T – AN ENERGY DRINK THAT WILL CHARGE YOUR DAY! The lightning effect of Dynami:t gives you the necessary energy charge to overcome all the challenges that the day will bring you. The refreshing and always delicious classic Dynami:t taste includes a great balance of sweetness and acidity. Between Original, Mojito and Blue Lagoon, everyone will find their favorite from the Dynami:t range!

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