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Le Coq ready-to-drink cocktails embody the latest and most popular cocktail flavors worldwide, but with added twist.

Tommy Collins

Tommy Collins is a new and surprising cocktail that tastes like juicy blackcurrants: the blackcurrant wine and juice give the drink just the right balance between tartness and sweetness.

Blue Lagoon

Bright blue alcoholic cocktail with the taste of pineapple, curacao and coconut.


The flavour of this legendary drink brings to mind red cranberries, sour lime and sugary oranges.

Cuba Libre

This classic cocktail comes from Havana and it has the flavour of rum and cola. To add a sour nuance it should be tried with a slice of lemon or lime.


The flavours of watermelon and lime give this red-coloured southern cocktail a pleasantly juicy taste.


This world-famous cocktail feels like a cool breeze on a sunny day because it combines the fun tastes of white rum, lime, fresh mint and brown sugar.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada cocktail tastes of southern sea rum and coconut milk. Freshness is added by juicy pineapple.

Sex on the Beach 4.7%

A hint to passionate vacations – the taste of juicy orange, peach, cranberry and rum.

T-quila Sunrise

T-quila Sunrise is an alcoholic cocktail with the taste of tequila, orange juice and Grenadine syrup. If you add a cube of ice to the drink, its color will remind of the sun rays at dawn. Hence the name of the drink.

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