Sherwood Strawberry Fields


Sherwood Strawberry Fields has a hint of sweet and juicy strawberries. This cider is meant for all cider fans who want to try something different from the traditional apple and pear flavours.

  • ABV: 4.5% vol
  • Ingredients: produced from fermented apple juice and natural strawberry flavours
  • Contains sulphites
  • Taste: a premium apple cider with a strawberry taste

Package size

  • 0.33 l glass bottle
  • bottle: 24 x 0.33 l carton box

Shelf life

  • 360 days
    EAN of basic unit6419800152361
    EAN of box/suitcase/tray6419802152369
    Basic unit gross weight0.617 kg
    Basic unit net weight0.33 kg
    Measurements of basic unit (mm)59*59*237
    Transport unit (DP) parametres
    Number of basic unit in transport package (DP)24
    Transport package gross weight15 kg
    Measurements of transport unit (cm)37*25*24
    Pallet parametres
    Number of DPs on pallet45
    Measurements of pallet (cm)120*80*135
    Cases per layer9
    Layers per pallet5
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