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In the juicy world of Hoggy's, you will meet a smart hedgehog and of course with a reason. He is a real fruit expert, whos detailed quality control ensures that only the best of the fresh fruits end up in Hoggy's ciders. A selection of ciders serve up authentic taste experiences that are full of fruitiness, fullness and crispness.


Hoggy’s Plum Fantasy is a full bodied and slightly tart cider that gets its distinctive plum flavor from delicious plum juice.

Hoggy´s Raspberry
Dream 4.5%

Hoggy’s Raspberry Dream is lightly sparkling cider with a juicy and full-bodied raspberry flavour.

Dry Apple 4.5%

Hoggy’s Dry Apple is a light cider bursting with apple flavour thanks to the apple wine and apple juice it contains. Dry Apple is the driest-tasting Hoggy’s cider and it does not contain any added sugar.

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