Volfas Engelman Baltic porter “Imperial Porteris”


The combination of hops and roasted malt gives this beer a dark mahogany colour and an unforgettable bitter-sweet taste.

  • ABV: 6.0%
  • Bottom-fermented Baltic porter
  • Colour 70 EBC, original gravity 13.8% P, bitterness 26 IBU


  • Serve at 10–12°C
  • Serve from a wider tulip glass

Package size

  • 0.568 l glass bottle
  • bottle: 20 x 0.568 l carton tray wrapped in transparent plastic

Shelf life

  • 0.568 l glass bottle – 240 days
    EAN of basic unit4770301226923
    EAN of box/suitcase/tray4770301228828
    Basic unit gross weight0.944 kg
    Basic unit net weight0.573 kg
    Measurements of basic unit (mm)65*65*283
    Transport unit (DP) parametres
    Number of basic unit in transport package (DP)20
    Transport package gross weight18.88 kg
    Measurements of transport unit (cm)34.5*27.5*28.6
    Pallet parametres
    Number of DPs on pallet36
    Measurements of pallet (cm)120*80*127.8
    Cases per layer9
    Layers per pallet4
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