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A. Le Coq Fassbrause is a mildly sweet and refreshing beer drink, perfect for quenching thirst on hot summer days. With flavours like Mojito, Lemon, Peach, and Cherry, it offers a delightful variety. This beverage is lower in calories and sugar compared to many soft drinks while providing useful B vitamins.


A. Le Coq Fassbrause Cherry is a naturally fermente drink that has been produced from alcohol-free beer and cherry juice. Fassbrause contains many useful B vitamins (B6, B12, B5 and B7) and makes a healthy alternative to soft drinks thanks…


A. Le Coq Fassbrause Lemon is a naturally fermented drink with a light lemon flavour made from non-alcoholic beer and lemon juice. The drink contains many vital B-group vitamins (B6, B12, B5 and B7). Fassbrause is a good healthy alternative…


A. Le Coq Fassbrause Mojito is a naturally fermented beverage with the flavour of the most popular cocktail made from non-alcoholic beer and juice. Subtle nuances of lemon and mint give the drink a pleasant fresh taste. Fassbrause contains…


A. Le Coq Fassbrause Peach is a naturally fermented beverage with light peach flavour made from non-alcoholic beer and peach juice. You can taste a little hops in this mildly sweet refreshing drink, and it is an excellent thirst quencher on…

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