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The Alexander brand offers a variety of alcoholic options, including lager and dunkel. In addition, there is a non-alcoholic bohemian to cater all preferences. All these products are full-bodied, strong and differentiating character beers. Alexander is one of the best-selling brand in A. Le Coq portfolio and number one beer brand in Estonia.


The alcohol-free Alexander Bohemian is a golden lager beer with strong hoppy taste. This is the best choice for those who enjoy the strong hoppy taste and aroma of Alexander but prefer their beer without alcohol.

Dunkel 4.2%

Alexander Dunkel is a dark and exceptionally light lager with a beautiful deep brown colour. The velvety taste of Dunkel is moderately sweet with hints of aromatic hops.

Lager 5.2%

The full-bodied flavour of Alexander is clearly dominated by the bitter crispness of hops and it is balanced out by the stronger than average caramel flavour of the malt. Fresh hops linger in the finish of this light yellow lager with its…

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