Alexander Lager


Alexander Lager is a light-yellow lager with dense bubbles. The full-bodied flavour of Alexander is clearly dominated by the bitter crispness of hops and it is balanced out by the caramel flavour of the malt.

  • ABV 5.2%
  • Colour 5.5 EBC, Original gravity 11.1% P
  • Bitterness 17 IBU

Package size

  • 0.5 l glass bottle; 0.33 l can; 0.568 l can
  • bottle: 20 x 0.5 l carton box
  • cans: 24 x 0.568 l carton tray; 24 x 0.33 l carton suitcase

Shelf life

  • 360 days
    EAN of basic unit4740098078661
    EAN of box/suitcase/tray4740098079248
    EAN of basic unit4740098017134
    EAN of box/suitcase/tray4740098071969
    EAN of basic unit4740098083788
    EAN of box/suitcase/tray4740098083795
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