Better future matters

Estonia’s biggest beverage producer and a member of Olvi Group, AS  A. Le Coq has made some big steps towards a cleaner and better future. A. Le Coq will invest in improving the environment with 5 mln euros of which 1,22 mln euros come from European Union fonds. The main focus for environmentally friendly steps are – reducing the CO2 footprint, reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources, contributing to cleaner future, increasing reusage of materials and taking even more responsibility for people’s health and well-being.

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Foil keeps our cans clean

In Olvi Group we value the health and safety of our clients. For this reason our A. Le Coq, Cesu Alus and Volfas Engelman breweries have decided to cover all single cans with a protective foil. To understand better how the foil will protect the cleanliness of the can, please see a short video and scheme below.

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